The Prettiest New Makeup Looks

The Prettiest New Makeup Looks

Dior Lolli’ Glow

From lips that pop in sakura pink to eyes structured with pistachio green and nails painted vanilla yellow.Indulgent and delicious pastels set the tone for the season. It’s a seasonal phenomenon: The return of sunny days sparks a desire for sweet, sugary shades – soft like a marshmallow, vibrant like a sorbet or tangy like a fizzy sweet.


Dolce & Gabbana Peony Lovers

Dolce & Gabbana Peony Lovers introduce This spring, textures are soft and natural, inspired by the lighthearted beauty of the peony. Blush takes centre stage with the all-new Blush Touch, a cushion stick for cheeks, easy to apply for adding a weightless flush to the skin.

Givenchy The Power Of Color

It’s time to recharge your batteries with The Power of Color from Givenchy, an optimistic and proud vision of a 2019 spring bursting with energy. An urgent remedy to give yourself a healthy boost and wake up with a “pop attitude”.

Guerlain Morning Love

Declare your style with Guerlain and turn your makeup into a fashion statement with the holographic and colorful radiance of the Morning Love collection. Bathed in iridescent light and tender, luminous pastels, the face shows off its flair and character.

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