Elie Saab revealed his latest haute couture collection today. Titled “Theatres of Dreams” reflects the opening line of Arabic story telling “Kan ya ma kan”.

This particular story goes: once upon a time” , there was a little boy with a spectacular vision. Every evening he would sit by his window and stare out into the quiet of the night sky, allowing his mind to wander and become hypnotized by the deep blue depth. Even at nine years old he understood the need to disappear into his own imagination – it gave him somewhere to go, something to believe in, some kind of purpose. On one of these nights, as he gazed out into the unknown, celestial bodies began to appear, twinkling and flittering at amazing speed, illuminating the darkness and giving breath to the suspended silence. He recognized a patter and began to will their gravitational power. Surprised by his own magical force, he began orchestrating the stars into enchanted movement, creating a magnificent scenography that painted the way forward for an extraordinary future.

Elie Saab’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 is about dreams that dance their way into exaggerated female silhouettes and become a dazzling, spectacular reality. Midnight materializes as silver silk chiffon and noir taffeta flowing into oversized figures that command space. Shooting stars fall to earth and masquerade as chandelier earrings and stellar headpieces that blaze so bright, one cannot look away. Dramatic feathers take flight in cosmic wind as accoutrement, trimmings, sleeves and winged shoulders, and constellations become intricate lace masks and embroidered throws. The dream-like promise of the universe becomes a shimmering, sparkling vestiary of over-the-top structures, voluminous forms and alluring textures that carry the women that wear them to fantastical realms.


With power and with grace, the women resolutely rise to endless glittering possibilities above the clouds. They know they will steal the show and are ready to make themselves crystalline spectacles, captivate their audience and take their breath away. And they exhibit the strength, the daring and the courage to carry these larger-than-life pieces that are not only made of the stuff of dreams but also inspire to dream big, because dreaming keep us moving forward.

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