Born into an affluent family in Egypt one could easily label Molk Said as a young and pretty society girl that simply enjoys the good life.  But that’s not all the young woman with a good head on her shoulder signed up for. After obtaining her bachelor degree in law from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Molk Said started working in different law firms and finally settled in at the UN Women Egypt Country Office which reignited her passion, supporting women in need. She quickly pursued an MSC in Sustainable Development and began toying with establishing ‘Eed Wahda’ (“One Hand”).

The facebook group went live and quickly created a buzz with shedding light and addressing issues on gender based violence and offering victims a community, a place to relate and a place to be heard and helped. The admirable 30-year old also invites victims to virtual panel discussions and workshops and connects them to gender specialist therapists, child and adolescent psychologist and also directs them to financial aid.

“ We are in the process of registering as a foundation as one of our main on-ground missions is to build women shelters/facilities that provide survivors with services and tools to heal and to empower them!”

Molk Said



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