The Moment of Unisex Perfumes

Androgynous fashion is on the rise right now. From independent designers to established fashion houses, the cuts, materials, and shapes become less gender specific and more individual. Celebrities like Jaden Smith are known for pushing boundaries for quite some time already. When it comes to Fragrances, the distinction between male and female fragrances is both very strict, yet then again more blurred than when it comes to fashion. Within the last years, Unisex fragrances have started hitting the mass market making them an ideal selection if you do not want to follow the rules! 

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Unisex Fragrances

In the 90ies, the iconic American fashion brand Calvin Klein became famous for their bold choices, leading the mindset of their customers into a new era. Stepping away from traditional beauty definitions and famously producing minimalistic and modern ad campaigns, they also took the chance to become famous for a very certain fragrance. ckOne, the first mass market unisex fragrance became the iconic scent of the 90ies making Calvin Klein one of the first companies to start pushing gender stereotypes.

Traditionally, female fragrances contain a very flowery scent while males fragrances tend to be more wooden and musky. Perfect examples for that are Chloé by Chloé and Armani‘s Acqua di Gio. Unisex fragrances were more products of the high luxury segment or niche products. This changed with the new wave of fashion during the last years. Multiple well-established brands started to introduce unisex fragrances. At the same time, customers did not follow the set rules anymore and started choosing scents based on their own preferences.

We have for you a selection of 10 unisex fragrances that you will instantly fall in love with!


Helmut Lang – Eau de Parfum

Helmut Lang, an icon for minimal fashion and celebrated designer of the 90ies. The Austrian-born designer led the way of American fashion towards rule breaking and minimalistic fashion. Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum captures the spirit of 90ies minimalism with this distinctive and discreet scent.

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Dyptique – Volutes

A beautiful and elegant homage to the Fin de Siecle. A musky scent of tobacco with notes of honey and fruits. The oriental touch gives it a mystique spirit while not being overwhelming. A classic by Dyptique.

available here:

Unisex Fragrances Dyptique Volutes

Dyptique – Volutes


Calvin Klein – ck2

Labeled as gender-free, ck2 is the contemporary version of ckOne. It is the ideal fragrance for warm summer days with its fresh spirit. Combining urban spirit with natural scents, ck2 resembles exactly what the young generation stands for – a generation without prejudices, celebrating life and individuality.

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Le Labo – Neroli 36

Daphne Bugey created this slightly oriental perfume for Le Labo with scents of orange blossom, vanilla, jasmine and tonka beans. It is a very sweet and flowery fragrance, ideal for the spring season.

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Maison Martin Margiela – “Replica” By the Fireplace

The “Replica” collection of Maison Margiela tells the bittersweet stories of almost forgotten memories. Every scent from the collection brings back a special moment in life, making the fragrances personal time capsules. By the Fireplace with pink pepper and cashmere brings back cold winter evenings. It is a very warm scent with scents of chestnut and orange flower.

available at Nordstrom:

Unisex Fragrances Margiela Replica

Maison Martin Margiela – “Replica” By the Fireplace


Serge Lutens – Baptême du feu

Lutens was inspired for Bâptème du feu by his youth in northern France. Remembering his childhood times at funfairs he created this colorful and nostalgic fragrance. The heart of ginger and cinnamon is carried by gourmand and mandarine giving it depth and ease.

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Aésop – Marrakech Intense

Marrakech Intense is the first unisex fragrance of the Australian brand Aésop. Inspired by the intoxicating life in Marrakech, they created together with Barnabé Fillion this oriental and sensual perfume with a heart of neroli and jasmine.

available at Barney’s New York:



Joe Malone – Myrrh & Tonka

This indulging fragrance with a heart of Nigerian myrrh and French lavender is warm and fresh at the same time. Jo Malone, famous for excellent fragrances, created a highly elegant and sophisticated fragrance for every occasion.

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Unisex Fragrances Joe Malone

Joe Malone – Myrrh & Tonka


 Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford stands for class, timeless elegance and modern urbanity. His fragrances resemble the essence of the fashion house. Tobacco Vanille was inspired by London’s Gentlemen’s Clubs. The musky scents are softened by Vanille, making it fabulous for sophisticated men and women.

available at Breuninger:

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