The little black book of Vienna

Designer Doris Ainedter, Austria’s biggest designer in business and formal wear, took the time to let us have a look into her little black book of Vienna. 

by Jon-Eric Hegemann

It is Monday morning and you are on your way to work, where do you get your best Coffee or Tea to go?
I always take my coffee from home 😀

You have a lunch meeting, where is your favorite spot for this?
I would pick the “You” at the Viennese “Le Meridien”.

Little black book of Vienna Doris Ainedter

Robert-Stolz-Platz 1, 1010 Vienna | © You/Facebook

Your favorite designer in Vienna for an everyday look?
For the “little black dress” and “business look” with a pantsuit, I will choose one of my own designs. When it comes to a relaxed everyday look with casual jeans and a simple top I also like to go to different multi-brand stores and international retailers like Zara.

Your favorite designer for the Opera Ball?
Either I will wear one of my gowns or go to the atelier of Lena Hoschek, a great Vienna-based designer that shows at Berlin Fashion Week.

You have a last minute invite to a cocktail party.  Where do you know that you will find the perfect outfit?
I will definitely pick a piece from my collection.

Doris Ainedter’s “dasDress” collection

When you feel like taking a break, where do you go?
When I want to escape a bit the “jet-set life” in Vienna, I love to go to the “Sommercafé” in the garden of Palais Liechtenstein. It is very calm there and away from the busy life in Vienna’s 1st district.

Which gallery or museum is your favorite when you want to see a little bit of art?
I love the different museums and galleries in the “Museumsquartier”, where you can find an amazing mixture of Viennese painters and contemporary art. Also, I love the MAK (Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna).

Which bar is your favorite for an after work drink?
I have been a regular at “Fabio’s” for years already. It is a nice and easy-to-go place with elegant people. Honestly, in Vienna, Fabio’s is the place to go in my opinion.

Tuchlauben 4-6, 1010 Vienna |© Fabio’s

Which one is for you the most romantic location in Vienna?
A well hidden and romantic bar is Tür 7 (Buchfeldg. 7, 1080 Vienna), a small gem in the 8th district.

Which district do you most prefer to stroll around?
The 9th district is becoming more and more appreciated.  It has a lot of nice bars and restaurants. In the 7th district, you can find great upcoming designers to discover. Yet, I love the 1st district. When you are not from Austria, I believe it must appear like Disney Land to you with all its small streets and Palais.

It is Sunday and you are off for Brunch, where would we find you?
Definitely in the Palmenhaus (Burggarten 1, 1010 Vienna) in Burggarten. I actually also got married in their butterfly house. When I want to get out of the city I go to Mörbisch, a town at the border to Hungary. It is a lovely ride through the countryside and the Heurigen.

Burggarten 1, 1010 Vienna |© Palmenhaus

Where would you give yourself a little beauty treatment 
I love to go to the Sans Soucie hotel, they have a small and very private Spa with a Sauna, swimming areas and it is just great for relaxing.

For a night of luxury, which hotel would you pick to be a tourist for one night in your city?
Motel ONE or the hotel Sans Soucie. At Sans Soucie, you have classic elegance and in general a beautiful style. Motel 1 is younger and the lounge in the 1st district and the one at main station is very very beautiful with an amazing interior design and the rooms are incredible.

Motel ONE Staatsoper, Elisabethstraße 5, 1010 Vienna | © Motel ONE

What is your absolute favorite spot in Vienna?
The place I feel the best is everywhere in the 1st district with all its gardens, the rose garden in Volksgarten the Rathausplatz, you have restaurants all over the place. I love strolling around the small streets from Kärtner Strasse. I can only recommend visiting the Palais Hübner and the Stadtpark and for sure “Das Kleine Cafe” at Franziskanerplatz.