Roberta’s little black book of Vienna

Roberta’s little black book of Vienna

by Jon-Eric Hegemann

Roberta Managenilli, also known as the Contessa di Vienna, is most likely Austria’s most famous Model Agent and owner of Stellamodels. Being responsible for the success of models such as Mary and Ivo as much as the designer Karl Michael, Roberta is known for supporting upcoming talents in the industry. Today she is sharing with us her favourite spots in Vienna. 

Pashion: It is Monday morning and you are on your way to work, where do you get your best Coffee or Tea to go?
Roberta: I don’t do Coffee to go and certainly not Tea, I drink my coffee in the office.

© Stellamodels


Pashion: You have a lunch meeting, where is your favourite spot for this?
Since I am Italian I love Procacci in the city centre.


Pashion: Dinner for one – if you want to treat yourself and yourself alone, which spot would you choose for a Dinner with yourself?
Roberta: Another Italian place in Vienna I like is the Caffe da Bacco.


Pashion: You have a last minute invite to a cocktail party, where do you know that you will get the perfect outfit?
Roberta: Dolce & Gabbana or Versace are always a good choice for me, but I am sure I always find something at one of my favorite Austrian designers of the minute.


Pashion: Your favourite designer for an everyday look?
Roberta: I would go with beautiful Max Mara Pants, mixed with a Dsquared Jacket, some heels from Jeffrey Campbell and a piece from IC Spring Jewelry.

ICSpring | © Roberta Manganelli


Pashion: Your go-to designer for the Opera Ball?
Roberta: Of course a beautiful vintage Valentino, I love his designs and himself a lot.


Pashion: When you feel like taking a break, where do you go?
Roberta: Salento, it is a region in Puglia and I love the peacefulness there and I always go there when I need to relax a bit.


Pashion: Which one is your favourite gallery or museum you go to for a little bit of art?
Roberta: Lisa Kandlhofer, it is an amazing gallery with modern and unique artists. If I am up for classic art, I visit the Albertina or the Arthistorical Museum.

© Roberta Manganelli

Pashion: Which one is your favourite bar for an after-work drink?
Roberta: The Loos American Bar is fantastic.


Pashion: Which one is for your the most romantic location in Vienna?
Roberta: The palace and gardens of Laxenburg are very sweet. Honestly speaking, I am not really a romantic person. Worst case, there is always Paris.


Pashion: Which district do you prefer the most to stroll along?
Roberta: I do not stroll along in heels, I prefer to take my car to get somewhere. I would love to have a driver sometimes and sit in the back of my car and enjoy Vienna.

© Roberta Manganelli

Pashion: It is Sunday and you are off for Brunch, where would we find you?
Roberta: I do like to brunch at Motto am Fluss, although I hope you will not find me as I prefer to take my brunch in peace.


Pashion: Where would you give yourself a little beauty treatment?
Roberta: I like the Spa in Vienna’s Park Hyatt Hotel a lot. Another place I enjoy is the Hamam Spa at Aux Gazelles.


Pashion: For a night of luxury, which hotel would you pick to be a tourist for one night in your city?
Roberta: I am in love with the Sacher Hotel. I always enjoy the luxurious and warm atmosphere in hotels.


Pashion: Which one is your absolute favourite spot in Vienna?
Roberta: I cannot decide whether I prefer the Golden Quarter and Tuchlauben or the Naschmarkt in the 5th district.

© Roberta Manganelli

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