Missing Gossip Girl?

It has been five years since Gossip Girl’s final episode aired and ever since we have missed Blaire Waldorf getting our priorities straight, Georgina proving that we can get what we want (with a little d-tour via Bootcamp, Belarus and the suburbs) and Chuck mixing business with a lot of pleasure (and drinks). Thank’s to Stephanie Savage (and the CW) there is a new series in town that has the potential to fill a bit of the XOXO shaped holes in our hearts – the reboot of Dynasty.

The reboot of the 80’ies TV-show “Dynasty” is currently in the making and supposed to be airing this fall. Introducing us to the “1% of the 1%”, the series promises to bring back drama, fashion, luxury and even more drama (and schemes, backstabbing and everything else we love).

Basically, the story follows two incredibly wealthy families somewhere in America (not New York) rivaling over their children, money and business. We can count on cattiness, drama and twists thanks to having Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage from Gossip Girl on board, who have already proved their talent with O.C. California.

Have a look at the first trailer here:

all images © The CW (Dynasty and Gossip Girl Promo)