Miss Arab/London 2011 Beauty Contest

On Saturday, October 29th in the luxurious venue of Porchester Hall, located in Central London, Al-Alamia TV was proud to present the first exclusive Miss Arab London 2011 Beauty Contest.

The evening began with an introduction of the talented and diverse Arab beauties, representing eight Arab countries: Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Egypt.

The eloquent former Miss Elegance at Miss Lebanon Emigrant contestant, Rania Milat Sejaan, was the host of this splendid event. With the inspired theme from 1001 Arabian Nights, Miss Rania was carried in on a howdah, igniting the evening with an Arabian style royal entrance.

The opening show was a colourful traditional belly dance performed by Dance Flavourz, dance group, created and lead by the extraordinary dancer and choreographer Francis Alejandro Cardoso, who has appeared on both “X-factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent”.

As the dancers swayed their hips and painted the stage with their vibrant costumes, the audience was enticed, while seated at round tables enjoying their delicious hors d’oeuvres catered by the prestigious Lebanese cuisine of Fakhreldine restaurant.

The night progressed with scenes of the Arab beauty contestants showing their challenges and determination as each girl exhibited a unique and exceptional talent. The audience was awed as they watched the variety of talents including, but not limited to: Singing, poetry, instrumental performance, drawing, and even martial arts.

The atmosphere was filled with laughter, anticipation, and serenity as the audience enjoyed the mesmerizing opera singing voice of Norah King.

The beauty contestants continued to display their traits of both beauty and personality by amplifying their walking style and poise during the cat walk. We also saw their personal choice of elegant evening wear which was sponsored by the exquisite fashion designer   Holly de Keyser, wife of Robert de Keyser the Managing Director of Fashion R Ltd. We received insight into their wit and articulation as each contestant was asked an exclusive question by one of our five reputable judges, who included: Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi; Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mario Knight from the London Dermatology Centre,  Atiqa Khan; Lawyer, Alexa Riva Ravina; Image and Fashion consultant and last but not least, Megan Williams; Socialite .

There was not a moment of dullness as the judges began to eliminate the contestants. With the audience in suspense, there were only five girls remaining on stage, each of whom could be the winner of one of six titles, the most tempting being Miss Arab London 2011.

Miss Talent was awarded to Christina Jaafar from Lebanon, who shocked the audience with her graceful martial arts and kickboxing performance.

Miss Photogenic was awarded to Souhila Benmokhtar from Algeria, who had a picturesque presence even while posing on stage.

Miss Popularity was awarded to Hana Al Gadi from Libya, who captured the hearts of all the Al-Alamia viewers and accumulated the highest volume of sms votes.

The Second Runner Up went to the attractive Maryam Jaber from Lebanon.

The First Runner Up went to the captivating Christina Jaafar from Lebanon.

The first ever Miss Arab London 2011 crowning went to the beautiful Sandra Jasmine from Syria. She claimed both the audience’s and judge’s votes with her natural beauty, numerous talents, articulation, poise, intelligence and sincere smile.

The night ended with a festive performance by Abdelkader Saadoun and band, a well known local U.K. band of Algerian origin

All the beauties graced the stage and were joined by family and friends for a bitter-sweet farewell filled with music, dancing, pictures and smiles. Everyone went home with complimentary bags filled with goods from Lycamobile, our sponsor for the event.

Miss Arab London 2011 Sandra Jasmine of Syria, will not only take home with her this unforgettable experience, but thanks to our sponsors she will also enjoy the following prizes:

v A Silver Swarovski Crown from Lordz Jewellery

v 1 year membership at the Crystal Palace Spa

v 1 year membership at DUO gym

v 1 year membership with Make Up Artist Henna

v 3,000 worth of laser treatment from The London Dermatology Centre

v 1 week holiday package to Spain, provided by Al -Alamia TV

v Carolina Loyola friendship bracelet from Dia Boutique


The above prizes were presented to Miss Arab London 2011 by Al-Alamia’s beloved Executive Director Diana Manih.