Letters of a Fashionista

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Me, Fashionista Doris Ainedter, will now for the first time be working as a “word designer” or let’s say as a Fashionista and Journalist. I will share with you my view on Fashion and People; on Luxury Fashion and Funny Fashion. I will give you an insight on my stories of life and love as well as the fancy and funky things that happened to me as a Fashion Designer. “Letters of a Fashionista” is my personal column where I invite you every two weeks to have a look behind the scenes of the world of Fashion and my life.

At the age of 15 I began my path as a young designer and a few years later opened my first store in Marc Aurel Strasse. 4 in Vienna. The 70m2 boutique was the base from where I started to build my Fashion House. More or less 30 years after founding DORIS AINEDTER I look back on my journey from being a young designer to the Fashionista I am today.

Looking back at my way of life, I want to share with all you Fashionistas and Designers the path of my career to encourage and empower you. No matter what your fears and thoughts might be, you do not need a big amount of money or financial support in order to start your career. All you need is to believe in yourself, a little bit of luck and to look out and take the chances life is offering you.


Fashionista Doris Ainedter
Designerin Doris Ainedter 1990 / 2017

In my first column, I would like to talk about finding and opening my first store in Vienna. Let me take you back to the year 1989, when I was studying Fashion and Economy in the Austrian capital. It was a usual day and I was looking for a pair of jeans when I entered this store Marc Aurel Strasse 4. I noticed the store was nearly empty and me being quite open towards other people, I started talking to the owner. Him being a well known person the Fashion Industry who made a name of himself in the 80ies we agreed on a meeting together.

Talking to him, He asked me at some point what would be my dream… so i answered “Please excuse me Sir, I am a nobody, but i know how to do a shop concept and my dream is to create my own brand”. For around 10min he just listened to me talk about my dreams and visions, he made me an offer that changed my life. “I would like to give you this space where I have started my career. You don’t need to pay me anything, just start and do your best.” Naturally I was like “WOW”. Looking back, he was the first person who believed in my power and competence. Even though he did not need to make me this generous offer, he was the one person that boosted my career and helped me to build DORIS AINEDTER.
Two weeks later he left his beloved store and I began together with a friend to renovate the place and turn it into my new concept of “suits for the modern working woman”!

I opened my store in a chic, new style, all done by me and my friend, on the 1st of January 1990. It was the start of my career and the life of Fashionista Doris Ainedter. Never ever did I expect that it will run over 30 years.