A Messika first in Dubai

Messika opened the first boutique in Dubai, Located on the first floor of The Dubai Mall as part of Fashion Avenue.The stunning displays include iconic collections Move, Glam’Azone, and the Angel, alongside the beautiful, renowned Messika X Gigi Hadid collection, Move Addiction. The Maison’s loyal clientele are honored with a large selection of the High Jewellery collection; showcasing the exceptional pieces of craftmanship. Stunning, intricately designed walls of metallic mesh by renowned textile research consultant Luc Druez, enable a separation of the store for private couture collection viewing. Exclusivity is enhanced by the handmade walls from the LCD collection, which are commonly used within Haute Couture houses across Paris. The love affair between Maison Messika and the Middle East began in 2009 when Messika opened three sales outlets in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, since then the brand has grown exponentially in the region, with the latest opening in Dubai Mall solidifying the brand’s strength in the market.